Get Whole Lot Of Fun and Excitement With Technologically Advanced Theaters

5d Movie Theater

Nowadays, we are able to feel the quick pace of technological development in different aspect of our lives. When it comes to technological advanced innovations, among the many fields, the entertainment industry is one that is wholly benefited. One of the great innovations made in this industry is the 5d cinema. When 3D cinemas are still considered a wonder, now 5D theatre and even 7D theaters are available in different parts of India.

When talking about 5D cinema, it is a perfect combination of 3D images and the effects created by the special devices used in the movie hall and in the seats upon the human perceptive organs. The viewers of this type of movie can get wholly involved in what is happening on the screen and can feel the movements, humid air, wind playing and rays of sun too.

After understanding the innovation of 5d theatre, many experts called this technology as a breakthrough in the modern cinematography. It differs drastically from the previous innovations made in this field. The success of these films has every reason to believe that all entertaining movies will be soon screened in 5D. But, now there are 7d theaters , with still more advancement in technology.

5d Theaters

Now, the movie enthusiasts have the chance to watch a series of movies one after the other in a 7D movie theater in India. Yes, these films generally last for around 20 minutes and so they can get to the movie halls for continuously viewing films one after the other. In general, most of these film halls, have three to four films under this technology and they showcase one after the other.
When they visit 7d movie theater, the viewers will experience that the specially-designed and pneumatic operated seats will shake and jolt as per the happenings on the screen. This will make the viewers feel that they are also a part and parcel of the film. In general, these films will showcase riding in vehicles like roller coaster rides in such a way that when a roller coast moves on the screen, the viewers will feel that they are also moving into the screen. In addition, there will be sound effects and even water sprinkles as per the scene appearing on the screen.

Even, the viewers will experience wind, thunder, fog, aroma and many other wonderful things as per the scene appearing on the screen. In short, the viewers will experience that they entered into a new world.

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