Convert Your Theater Into A 9d Theater

Do you wish to enhance the income from your cinema hall. As you are in this business of running one or two movie theatres, you will be well-aware of the fact that the interest of people has undergone a great change these days. You might also be well-aware of the fact that only films with quality content attract crowd.


Furthermore, with the availability of social networking sites these days, reviews and word-of-the-mouth popularity are turning out to be excellent sources to attract crowd. When there is quality content, people just share the information almost immediately with their friends through social networking sites and even this happens just when they are watching the films as well. For instance, they tweet their reviews, share their views on Facebook and even some of them are posting video reviews as well on YouTube.

With these many facilities available, you cannot expect every film reaching your theater to run successfully and bring you revenue. But, there is an excellent thing you can do to attract crowd to your hall. How is this possible? Let us find here:


You can just convert your movie hall into a 9d theatre. Furthermore, it is not important that you should convert your present hall into a 9d theatre, but you can just set up such a theater in a hall in a shopping mall, theme park, amusement park, game city, game center, truck or even on your walking street. This will turn out to be an additional source of income to you.


There are professional service providers, who can perfectly design and set up a 9d theater for you. Now, you might get a doubt as to what 9d is all about? It is an advanced version of the popular 3d movies and here are the step-by-step improvements made in this 3d technology:


3D means the movies, wherein you can see the objects getting near you from the film screen, when viewed with the help of 3d glasses.


5d is similar to 3d movies that should be watched with 3d glasses, but the advancement here is that there will be motion chair effect and the people watching these films will feel as if they are part of the screen.


7d will have similar technologies like 3d and 5d and the extra feature is interaction gun. People watching these films will experience lighting, storm, rain, mist and other things as per the scenes appearing on the screen.


When you set up of 12d theater, it is all about creating motion seats along with appropriate speaker and devices for providing similar effects as appearing on the screen to attract more and more people.

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